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How to Choose Accent Wall Paint in Living Room

If you want to make an accent wall in your living room, it is better if you do not use too much dramatic color. You can play safe with the color, but you can still make a bold statement. One suggestion is you can paint just one wall with a splash of accent color. Besides, picking which wall to paint in the room is another thing that needs a full of attention. Therefore, it is better if you read these tips before you make an accent wall in your living room.

Firstly, you can consider using warm colors. Warm colors, such as reds, oranges, yellows, will tend to pull a wall close to your eyes. For example, the color of bright red will seem closer to you than a white wall. Another suggestion is you can paint a side wall red that will make the living room narrow if you want. However, if you paint an end wall in a long and narrow room with bright red, it will make the room more balance.

After that, if you use cool colors, such as blue, green, and purple, they will push walls away from our eyes. These colors that are painted in end wall or side wall will make the short living room seems longer or a skinny room feel wider. It is very suggested for your house that has a minimalist design.

Then you can determine your accent wall paint based on your living room location. Living rooms with warm colors accent walls is suitable in eastern or northern rooms. Meanwhile, rooms with cool colors accent walls are suitable for western or southern rooms. If you paint orange accent wall paint, it will add light to your living room which is facing to western. Besides, aqua color will make an atmosphere of calm to your living room.

Those are several ideas that you can apply to create an accent wall in your living room. It is easy to do if you apply some suggestions of colors that this article has already explained. Do not forget to pay attention to your living room location to make your accent walls becomes more magnificent.

Living Room

How to Decorate Living room with Two Sitting Areas

Decorating a living room with two sitting areas provides additional, stylish seating for entertaining guests or spending time with family members. You can arrange the two sitting areas to create a functional layout that can accommodate your needs and the available floor space. It is important to pay attention to the visual weight in the two sitting areas to avoid making one side of the areas appear heavier.

The first thing is you can arrange your seats back-to-back. You should center the two sofas in the middle of a spacious room, with the sofa backs against each other. Slide the sofas apart to position a sofa table between them. You can put a lamp at each end and a tall vase centered in the middle. It will provide good lighting for both sofas. It also supplies a division between the separate spaces. Do not forget to put a pair chairs and coffee table to make the sitting areas become perfect.

You can make your sofas in L-shaped arrangement. You should put your sofas in position of adjacent to one another. Do not forget to create an L-shaped furniture layout with two sofas. Place a table lamp at top the end table to help illuminate the area for reading or hobbies. It is suggested if you tuck an end table in the small space between the sofas. It is also good if you add a third sofa or two armchairs on the open end of the L to form a U-shaped arrangement. It will offer more additional seating.

The other idea is you can lay an area rug between two sofas to unify the arrangement. It is a good idea if you use cowhide rugs because it is always suitable with various decoration. Another thing is when you position sofas against a wall, leave at least one or two inches between the wall and sofa. It will protect the damage because of the sofas rub repeatedly against a wall. The position of sofas with floating in the middle of a room, as opposed to hugging a wall, can divide the two sitting areas as well.

Thus, those are some ideas that can be your inspiration to decorate your living room with two sitting areas. It just need smart ideas in positioning your sofas and seats to be a wonderful two sitting areas. Now, you can practice those ideas in your living room to get a wonderful decoration.

Living Room

Best Wooden Sofa Set Designs for Small Living Room

It’s interesting to have wooden sofa and furniture sets in your living room. Some homeowners want to bring the natural feeling in their home, then wooden furniture sets will be great ideas to do that. Actually, what are another advantages having wooden furniture sets for your room especially small living room? They are easy to maintenance, budget-friendly and available in a dozen options of style, types and size to fit your taste and the room size. But before stepping forward, it’s better to gather information about it from internet, book, magazine or maybe discuss with your neighbors or furniture architects to make sure that you paid for what you want. Below we have 9 best wooden sofa and furniture set designs that will fit well with any small living room and we hope you will be inspired.

Living Room

Best Wooden Living Room Furniture Sets On A Budget

When bringing the wooden furniture sets to your living room, it means you want the natural feeling in your home. That’s a great choice since there are various options of wooden living room furniture sets available in the market today. You are free to choose what kind of wooden furniture that goes well with your living room interior decorations and the most important is your taste. Make sure that every elements in the room complement with the wood furniture sets you have chosen. Feel free to add your personal touch because wood usually easy to modify depending to your style. Did you know that most of homeowners choose wood furniture besides the natural atmosphere reason, it’s also will save your money, easy to maintenance and durable if you choose the right and real wood for the furniture’s basic material. Take a look to these 12 best wooden living room furniture sets and we hope you will be inspired.

Living Room

Best Living Room Furniture Sets on A Budget

Furniture sets for living room will play important role in decorating your home’s interior. You must think about what will it look like when your guest or friends visiting your home. The most important furniture sets for living room is sofa, so that you need to choose and purchase the right sofa which fit well with the rest of the room decor. Remember, living room is one of the busiest room in your home which require high quality and durable furniture. It means quality should come before price although you have limited budget. Everybody knows that fewer furniture with good quality is better than more items with lower quality. Before making decision and purchasing living room furniture sets that catches your eye, it”s better to know what theme you would like for your room. Living room with modern, antique or traditional colonial style will have different furniture types. You can go search online to compare some manufactures to fit your need and budget.

If you want unique furniture sets for your living room, you may ask a contractor to make custom furniture that might also save your money. Get your own style, size, color and price to achieve the fabulous living room furniture sets that will last as long as you need it to. For more ideas, take a minute to choose 9 best living room furniture sets below that goes well with your personality.


How to Choose The Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

There are a lot of opportunities within your kitchen cabinets to add a punch of color. But how do you put together a scheme of colors that look good together? With so many colors and shade variations, it can be a challenge, can’t it? But what a great challenge that is.

Well, cabinet is the most important thing that leads the coloring of your kitchen. Therefore, without a nice color of cabinet, your kitchen will look old fashioned.

Interior experts revel in the complexity of putting together a color-rich palette, especially in a kitchen. “White cabinets? No problem,”they say. “But you’re missing an opportunity if you don’t introduce some color somewhere else in the room.”

Okay, which color– or colors to put together? That seemingly simple question drives homeowners to stare at paint chips until they’re dizzy and to cover their walls with so many samples that they look like crazy quilts. In actuality, normal human eyes can distinguish about 7 million different colors. Some go together, others don’t. It helps to understand color theory, but even if you know that nearly every warm color has a cool complement, that doesn’t mean you’ll like that particular combination.

No wonder so many people choose white, since it is an amazing warm color which complementarity mixes with any other color. But there are many whites; cool, warm, and neutral. So where do you begin?

First, consider the light. Natural light greatly affects the perceived color of a surface. Northern light is cool, for instance, and it’s often best to counter it with a warm color. But as the sun moves or drifts behind clouds, colors shift and change. Artificial lighting changes colors, too. That’s why it’s so important to apply samples where the colors will be used and in context with other colors and materials—which also affect perception.

Also consider the reflective qualities of colors and surfaces. Dark, rough surfaces swallow light, while pale, smooth surfaces reflect and magnify its effect.

So, if you like the cute-looking cabinet, choose the color that is not too bright nor too dark. Since both such colors will affect perception too much. Or, if you really insist, mix the bright color with the dark one, or use the dark color with enough lighting.

You can also put track trends into consideration. Which colors reign? True, white remains the classic choice for painted cabinetry. But if you’re looking for something trendy, paint companies introduce new palettes every year. And don’t just change white to black and back again to white. Try different colors to make your kitchen always look new, but do not overdo it.

The last thing is, consider letting the design style of the kitchen be your guide. In general, classic, traditional kitchen designs benefit most from classic, traditional kitchen cabinet paint colors, like creams and whites. Classic-style kitchen cabinets will all look great with bright whites or subdued creams.

If your kitchen is a modern one, you can choose light or warm colors together with shining ones for your cabinets. This mixture will allow them to look rich-ish and elegant.


Kitchen Remodel with Oak Cabinets

Well it is finally time for the kitchen remodel. There we are, few other things that we provide you with, for your kitchen to look a little better in itself. One of the things you might want to remodel is your cabinetry. And one of the kind that suits kitchen these days is oak kitchen cabinets.

Oak kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for lots of good reasons. Because they’re durable and affordable, oak is also a widely available wood, and oak cabinets can be found in a wide variety of cabinet styles.

Oak is a very hard and tough wood, and its coarse, dense grain makes it highly resistant to damage. Natural variations in the grain also mean that oak kitchen cabinets feature a wide variety of grain styles. Ask about these when you’re browsing cabinets, and the salesperson should be able to show you the slight but distinct variations that occur naturally or are caused by different sawing techniques.

If you’re considering oak kitchen cabinets, one thing you’ll need to sign off on initially is the color. Oak has a distinct, pale gold color, which is somewhat difficult to match in its unfinished state. For this reason, many homeowners who choose oak have a plan for staining or painting in place.So keep it mind that you must use the colors that won’t make the kitchen look dull. Because oak kitchen cabinets are really fragile to look too old and too weird looking.

If you have shiny colored walls, it’s better to use shiny colored cabinets too. Especially when the walls are bright white ceramics. But if you have walls that are in warm color, just use the cabinets that also have warm colors (no sparkling shine).

The other thing you have to remember is the accessories of the cabinets themselves. Because oak cabinets are quite old fashioned, it’s better to add some sparkles. You can try and add some cute hooks next to or on the side of your cabinetry doors. Try not to attach hooks that have same colors as the doors, cause that will make them invisible to your eyes. Put some bright colored hooks if you have dark colored cabinets.

Or if you don’t fancy hooks, you can try like stickers or some colorful rag attached to the cabinets side wall. Oh yea, don’t forget about the color too, use the complimentary color too. But not the exact same ones as your cabinet doors, it will only make your kitchen look hideous.


Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

When people walk into your home, you surely hope the first rooms they see make a good impression. For these homeowners, that meant working nights and weekends putting together a better, more efficient kitchen. And one of the things they notice first is how your kitchen’s coloring looks like. And,we know that making a right choice of color could be hard sometimes. Here are some useful tips for you.

Well, you know that you need to cozy up the work space. But keep this in mind; colorful is indeed good, sometimes, but too much color won’t do your kitchen. Try not to mix up so many colors, but do not only use one color.

The key to mix colors for you kitchen is to insert bright colors in dark ones or vice versa, or insert shiny colors in blurry ones, or put warm colors together. Don’t forget to put colors that suit their complementary partners. Here are some examples of color mixtures for you:

Light green cabinets in yellow or orange colored kitchen
Shiny blue cabinets in white colored kitchen
Shiny red cabinets in shiny colored kitchen with ceramics
Shiny bold green cabinet in warm green colored kitchen
Gray cabinets in warm white colored kitchen, or
Yellow cabinets in gray colored kitchen.
Besides the cabinets themselves, you might also want to consider the rugs inside them to make sure they fit each other. A colorful or patterned rug instantly gives your cabinets and kitchen that holds them a boost of personality and comfort. Plus, a comfy rug adds warmth underfoot and a touch of homeyness to your hardworking kitchen space. Consider placing a rug in areas of the kitchen such as in front of the range, refrigerator, or sink, where you tend to do a lot of standing. Be sure to place a slip-prevention mat beneath the rug for safety. Makes sure you the colors of the rug perfectly with the color of the cabinets.

The next thing is, add some drama to your kitchen by contrasting light color cabinetry with a dark-stained cabinet. The glass front on the espresso cabinets keeps the section from feeling heavy and is a chic way to display glassware. The mix of cabinets complement the multicolor tile backsplash, giving the kitchen a dramatic, cohesive look. In short, do not be afraid to switch up your paint colors.


Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

When you have a small kitchen, it’s easy for you to feel that it’s too tiny and not really pretty in every way. But no worries. We have some ideas for you to remodel your tiny kitchens into a nicer and more elegant one.

First things first. Paint cabinets instead of replacing them. You know you might want to replace your cabinets with new ones, sometimes. But as long as they’re still usable, why not paint them instead of replacing them?With kitchens, simplicity does not necessarily equal streamlined. You can try to repaint your kitchen cabinets once every six months or a year.

The second tip, shop online and save. You spend weeks painstakingly picking cabinets and researching counter tops. Or, sometimes, you just get lucky. During a remodel, you ran across an ad for a kitchen showroom that was relocating and selling off a complete floor model. You were doubtful, but checked it out anyway—and it worked. You paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for base and upper cabinets, plus additional cabinetry, trim, side panels, and appliances, then adapted the setup for their galley-style kitchen. But you know, rather than wandering around looking for a nice set of kitchen properties, you can just browse for it online. Firstly, you save money for driving everywhere trying to get the new set. Secondly, you save money by buying the new set which is practically cheaper in online shops.

Rather than buying all-new cabinets, you can upgrade your kitchen yourself. This is the third tip today. You see, custom doors and drawer fronts can be added to the existing boxes to create an updated look while saving tons of cash. You can try recycled glass for countertops, and a stylish light fixture for a new flair. Don’t forget to try an easy-to-install stainless-steel backsplash too.

Speaking of upgrading your kitchen, you can also try a backsplash made from stacked-stone panels to add a high-end look on your kitchen, and it’s for a reasonable price. The gorgeous quartz counter tops are a smart investment too, since they never need to be resealed and will last for years.

If you want to save cost even more, just upgrade the surface. In some spaces, surface changes can make a huge impact. Say you had a kitchen that was just dirty, disgusting, and dated. But with no budget for a complete redo, you can use simple, low-cost touches to give the room a new look and highlight original details, such as hardwood floors and the scalloped wood valance above the sink window. While all the cabinets and appliances are the same, new paint, fabric panels, and nickel-finished hardware give the room a colorful new look!


How to Refinish Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Well, having veneer in your house can get messy quickly if you don’t know how to take care of it. Since cracked veneer can’t be fixed, and the surface can build up with grim, there isn’t much you can do to keep it looking like new. But, with the right preparation, you can learn how to paint it so it looks brand new.

First off, you need to fix any problems with the veneer, use wood glue to affix veneer back to the original surface. Unfortunately cracked or missing pieces of veneer cannot be fixed. You will need to remove the damaged piece and glue a new piece in its place.

Clean the surface with hot water removing any grease or grime. A simple solution containing a few drops of dish soap should work, do not saturate the surface. Please note that if the veneer is cracked, peeling or missing you should hold off on cleaning and fix this problem first as veneer is usually covering particle board (MDF) which breaks down when wet.

After drying, lightly sand the veneer (do not sand through veneer) and use tack cloth to remove all of the dust created on the surface. You may also want to clean up any dust around the surface to be painted or you have the potential to have the dust blow into your fresh paint.

Apply primer at least 2 coats. Allow to dry for 24 hours. You may need to sand between coats of primer, depends on smoothness of surface desired. Apply paint, 2 coats for light paint, generally more for darker colors. Lastly, seal with 2-4 coats of varnish if the surface is going to be used as a work surface.

If you have wood-veneer cabinets, different thing would work with the refinishing. The surfaces of these cabinets are real wood, but they generally can’t be sanded down for staining, because you risk taking off the veneer and exposing the sub-material. However, veneer surfaces can be re-glossed, which is often enough to brighten them up and provide a new look. Things you will need, screwdriver, newspapers, 100-grit sandpaper, 120-grit sandpaper, polyeurethane gloss and Brushes.

Firstly, remove the cabinet doors and set them on newspapers on the floor. Remove all hinges and hardware with a screwdriver and set it aside.
Next, lightly sand the entire surface of the cabinets and doors with 100-grit sandpaper. Sand it just enough to take off the shine of the old gloss, without going all the way down to the wood surface. Wipe the sanding dust off everything.

And then, starting at the top of the cabinets, use your brush to apply a light layer of gloss to the wood. Brush with the grain of the wood in short, slow strokes, avoiding drips and bubbles. Let it dry for a day.Then lightly buff the new gloss with 120-grit sandpaper, just enough to take off the shine. Apply a second coat of gloss in the same manner as the first. Let it dry.Then apply a third coat in the same way, buffing the gloss and brushing on a thin, new layer. After it dries, put the cabinet doors and hardware back on.