Choosing Best Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island

Kitchen island lighting and colors are one of the key opportunities to make a good look about the design you intend for your kitchen. This area of kitchen makes a big statement showing you, the owner. The design should be coordinated with the rest of the room. Pendant lights will make the most influential impact as well as the most effective over an island in the kitchen. This is because they are suspended from the ceiling at a level offering sufficient light as well as visibly standing out in the design of the kitchen.

Right, first thing you need to know that you have to choose pendant lights in the style that suits the style of the kitchen. Hanging pendant lights will undoubtedly act as a style precedent in the kitchen. Pendant lights also offer task lighting for eating and preparing meals on the kitchen island. If you have like glamorous kitchen, you wouldn’t want to just install a plain pendant light on the ceiling, would you? Same thing happens when your kitchen is made-of-wood one, you will want to add pendant light that lights blurrily.

Next, please consider the size of the pendant lights in relation to the island. Large sized pendants will be overbearing to an island that is not of the same scale, like you’re going to fit a big sized apple into a freaking small sized bottle mouth. Likewise, small pendants are not substantial for a large island, instead, it would look like a mole on the cheek if you insisted to do so.

Then, coordinate the colors of the island with other areas of the kitchen. When we say coordinate, that doesn’t mean to make the colors the same. Choose the complimentary colors to the other areas of your precious kitchen. You see, designing a high impact kitchen island is more effective when the rest of the room is tied into the design. Have the countertop and cabinetry of the island coordinated to the other counters and cabinetry in the kitchen. As for the position you would want to place the pendant light, these are the tips for you:

Install pendant light above those areas you usually work in the kitchen, directly if possible.
A popular choice can also be under cabinet lights. These can be installed when you get new cabinets, or they can be screwed into place later. If you like this idea and you are getting new cabinetry, make sure it leaves enough room at the bottom to shed light on your work area.
Another choice is pendant lights hang from the ceiling. Many beautiful modern fixtures hang from a single chord to shed light on an area. You can adjust this lighting to the right height over the sink or stove.

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