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How to Choose Accent Wall Paint in Living Room

If you want to make an accent wall in your living room, it is better if you do not use too much dramatic color. You can play safe with the color, but you can still make a bold statement. One suggestion is you can paint just one wall with a splash of accent color. Besides, picking which wall to paint in the room is another thing that needs a full of attention. Therefore, it is better if you read these tips before you make an accent wall in your living room.

Firstly, you can consider using warm colors. Warm colors, such as reds, oranges, yellows, will tend to pull a wall close to your eyes. For example, the color of bright red will seem closer to you than a white wall. Another suggestion is you can paint a side wall red that will make the living room narrow if you want. However, if you paint an end wall in a long and narrow room with bright red, it will make the room more balance.

After that, if you use cool colors, such as blue, green, and purple, they will push walls away from our eyes. These colors that are painted in end wall or side wall will make the short living room seems longer or a skinny room feel wider. It is very suggested for your house that has a minimalist design.

Then you can determine your accent wall paint based on your living room location. Living rooms with warm colors accent walls is suitable in eastern or northern rooms. Meanwhile, rooms with cool colors accent walls are suitable for western or southern rooms. If you paint orange accent wall paint, it will add light to your living room which is facing to western. Besides, aqua color will make an atmosphere of calm to your living room.

Those are several ideas that you can apply to create an accent wall in your living room. It is easy to do if you apply some suggestions of colors that this article has already explained. Do not forget to pay attention to your living room location to make your accent walls becomes more magnificent.

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