How to Choose The Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

There are a lot of opportunities within your kitchen cabinets to add a punch of color. But how do you put together a scheme of colors that look good together? With so many colors and shade variations, it can be a challenge, can’t it? But what a great challenge that is.

Well, cabinet is the most important thing that leads the coloring of your kitchen. Therefore, without a nice color of cabinet, your kitchen will look old fashioned.

Interior experts revel in the complexity of putting together a color-rich palette, especially in a kitchen. “White cabinets? No problem,”they say. “But you’re missing an opportunity if you don’t introduce some color somewhere else in the room.”

Okay, which color– or colors to put together? That seemingly simple question drives homeowners to stare at paint chips until they’re dizzy and to cover their walls with so many samples that they look like crazy quilts. In actuality, normal human eyes can distinguish about 7 million different colors. Some go together, others don’t. It helps to understand color theory, but even if you know that nearly every warm color has a cool complement, that doesn’t mean you’ll like that particular combination.

No wonder so many people choose white, since it is an amazing warm color which complementarity mixes with any other color. But there are many whites; cool, warm, and neutral. So where do you begin?

First, consider the light. Natural light greatly affects the perceived color of a surface. Northern light is cool, for instance, and it’s often best to counter it with a warm color. But as the sun moves or drifts behind clouds, colors shift and change. Artificial lighting changes colors, too. That’s why it’s so important to apply samples where the colors will be used and in context with other colors and materials—which also affect perception.

Also consider the reflective qualities of colors and surfaces. Dark, rough surfaces swallow light, while pale, smooth surfaces reflect and magnify its effect.

So, if you like the cute-looking cabinet, choose the color that is not too bright nor too dark. Since both such colors will affect perception too much. Or, if you really insist, mix the bright color with the dark one, or use the dark color with enough lighting.

You can also put track trends into consideration. Which colors reign? True, white remains the classic choice for painted cabinetry. But if you’re looking for something trendy, paint companies introduce new palettes every year. And don’t just change white to black and back again to white. Try different colors to make your kitchen always look new, but do not overdo it.

The last thing is, consider letting the design style of the kitchen be your guide. In general, classic, traditional kitchen designs benefit most from classic, traditional kitchen cabinet paint colors, like creams and whites. Classic-style kitchen cabinets will all look great with bright whites or subdued creams.

If your kitchen is a modern one, you can choose light or warm colors together with shining ones for your cabinets. This mixture will allow them to look rich-ish and elegant.

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