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How to Decorate Living room with Two Sitting Areas

Decorating a living room with two sitting areas provides additional, stylish seating for entertaining guests or spending time with family members. You can arrange the two sitting areas to create a functional layout that can accommodate your needs and the available floor space. It is important to pay attention to the visual weight in the two sitting areas to avoid making one side of the areas appear heavier.

The first thing is you can arrange your seats back-to-back. You should center the two sofas in the middle of a spacious room, with the sofa backs against each other. Slide the sofas apart to position a sofa table between them. You can put a lamp at each end and a tall vase centered in the middle. It will provide good lighting for both sofas. It also supplies a division between the separate spaces. Do not forget to put a pair chairs and coffee table to make the sitting areas become perfect.

You can make your sofas in L-shaped arrangement. You should put your sofas in position of adjacent to one another. Do not forget to create an L-shaped furniture layout with two sofas. Place a table lamp at top the end table to help illuminate the area for reading or hobbies. It is suggested if you tuck an end table in the small space between the sofas. It is also good if you add a third sofa or two armchairs on the open end of the L to form a U-shaped arrangement. It will offer more additional seating.

The other idea is you can lay an area rug between two sofas to unify the arrangement. It is a good idea if you use cowhide rugs because it is always suitable with various decoration. Another thing is when you position sofas against a wall, leave at least one or two inches between the wall and sofa. It will protect the damage because of the sofas rub repeatedly against a wall. The position of sofas with floating in the middle of a room, as opposed to hugging a wall, can divide the two sitting areas as well.

Thus, those are some ideas that can be your inspiration to decorate your living room with two sitting areas. It just need smart ideas in positioning your sofas and seats to be a wonderful two sitting areas. Now, you can practice those ideas in your living room to get a wonderful decoration.

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