How to Reface Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Laminated kitchen cabinets are generally made of particleboard or plywood, with a thin wood veneer or plastic laminate over it. Yup. You cannot refinish that laminate the way you can real wood, but that does not mean you cannot reface it. New laminate can be installed right over the old, as long as the old laminate is solid and clean. Do not laminate over real wood, metal or anything other than existing laminate.

Laminates themselves are used on cabinets because they are durable and easy to clean. The product is manufactured by fusing paper and plastic materials at high heats until they form a solid surface that is resistant to scratches and stains. Because of its durable manufacturing process, laminate is also difficult to resurface. The best choice for resurfacing or refinishing laminate is paint. Because laminate surfaces are shiny and slick, surface preparation is the most critical step. Using the right technique will give you a long-lasting and attractive new finish for your laminate cabinets.

Things you’re going to need:

Vibrating power sander
Medium sandpaper
Tape measure
Self-adhesive laminate
Utility knife
Square piece of wood, and
Firstly, use a vibrating power sander to dull the surface of all laminated parts of the cabinet (generally the box frame, but usually not the doors). Don’t sand all the way through the existing laminate, just get it flat and free of any shine. Wipe off the dust.

Secondly, measure one side of the cabinet that’s going to be refaced, transferring the dimensions to a sheet of laminate. Add an inch all around as you mark it on the laminate. Cut out the piece with a utility knife, scoring and then snapping it. Before you separate the two pieces, cut along the wax paper on the back of the laminate, so the paper stays intact on the cut piece.

Thirdly, hold the piece of laminate up to the part of the cabinet where it’s going, with an inch of overhang all around. Peel back a little of the paper at one end of the laminate piece and press the adhesive surface to the cabinet. Pull off the rest of the paper and press the rest of the laminate piece to the cabinet.

Fourthly, use your utility knife to trim off the overhanging portion of the laminate, cutting along the edge of the cabinet. Press over the laminate with a flat block of wood wrapped in a dishtowel, to squeeze any air out from under the laminate.

Fifthly, repeat the process for each span of the cabinet, cutting and installing a piece of laminate for each one. Let the laminate set for a day before reassembling the cabinet.

Before we end the tips today, if you want to paint the cabinet before reassembling it, paint the laminate choosing either an oil-based or latex paint. Latex paints are more likely to chip than oil-based but latex is easier to work with and less messy. Apply multiple, thin coats of paint. Allow the previous coat dry before applying the next.

6Avoid using the cabinets for at least seven days. Test the durability of the paint by pressing a fingernail into the cabinets. Oil-based paint takes longer to cure than latex. If your fingernail makes a dent, the paint is not fully cured. Be gentle with the surface until it is fully cured. If the painting is all done, you can start reassembling your precious cabinet.


Choosing Best Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island

Kitchen island lighting and colors are one of the key opportunities to make a good look about the design you intend for your kitchen. This area of kitchen makes a big statement showing you, the owner. The design should be coordinated with the rest of the room. Pendant lights will make the most influential impact as well as the most effective over an island in the kitchen. This is because they are suspended from the ceiling at a level offering sufficient light as well as visibly standing out in the design of the kitchen.

Right, first thing you need to know that you have to choose pendant lights in the style that suits the style of the kitchen. Hanging pendant lights will undoubtedly act as a style precedent in the kitchen. Pendant lights also offer task lighting for eating and preparing meals on the kitchen island. If you have like glamorous kitchen, you wouldn’t want to just install a plain pendant light on the ceiling, would you? Same thing happens when your kitchen is made-of-wood one, you will want to add pendant light that lights blurrily.

Next, please consider the size of the pendant lights in relation to the island. Large sized pendants will be overbearing to an island that is not of the same scale, like you’re going to fit a big sized apple into a freaking small sized bottle mouth. Likewise, small pendants are not substantial for a large island, instead, it would look like a mole on the cheek if you insisted to do so.

Then, coordinate the colors of the island with other areas of the kitchen. When we say coordinate, that doesn’t mean to make the colors the same. Choose the complimentary colors to the other areas of your precious kitchen. You see, designing a high impact kitchen island is more effective when the rest of the room is tied into the design. Have the countertop and cabinetry of the island coordinated to the other counters and cabinetry in the kitchen. As for the position you would want to place the pendant light, these are the tips for you:

Install pendant light above those areas you usually work in the kitchen, directly if possible.
A popular choice can also be under cabinet lights. These can be installed when you get new cabinets, or they can be screwed into place later. If you like this idea and you are getting new cabinetry, make sure it leaves enough room at the bottom to shed light on your work area.
Another choice is pendant lights hang from the ceiling. Many beautiful modern fixtures hang from a single chord to shed light on an area. You can adjust this lighting to the right height over the sink or stove.


Best Kitchen Pendant Lighting You Must Have

Lighting is one of the most important key elements that helps make your house more like a home. The proper lighting enables you to perform housing tasks easily, makes you feel safer and more comfortable, and allows you to enjoy your home at its full potential, as well as takes care of your sight in the night. Each room, however, has specific and unique general and accent lighting needs. Take kitchen for example, you might not notice this, but kitchen pendant plays important role not only in taking care of the kitchen lighting, but also the decoration and appearance of the kitchen itself.

Kitchen lighting can aid quality food preparation too. Professional kitchens are filled with lighting, but a home kitchen also needs ambience. There are 2 general kinds of kitchen lighting: ambient lighting and accent lighting. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, which means you need a new taste, it is absolutely a wonderful idea to include the two of them for maximum cooking efficiency and home comfort. This article will tell you how to choose the proper lighting for your lovely kitchen.

If you want every part of your kitchen to get light, consider to use ambient lighting. You know ambient lighting is powerful enough to create a diffused light that reaches into spaces like cabinets, the refrigerator or the kitchen table.Visit a lighting store to get an idea of the styles that are on the market. Large fixtures can be made with iron, plastic, ceramics, glass and antlers and more.Choose a fixture that goes with your overall decor. Unless you plan to recess a large fixture, you will want to be assured of the lighting quality and aesthetic look before buying.

Next, if you want to show off with your kitchen features, you will want to use accent lighting. Since it draws the eyes to a certain painting or architectural element in your kitchen. For example, if you have a beautiful collection of china arranged on an open cupboard, you may want to highlight it.Consider lighting above your cabinets if you have high ceilings. This will give a classy tone to the room and make it look large and warm.Research track lighting and low-voltage linear lights. Many of these can be installed onto the ceiling.Accent lighting usually requires smaller bulbs than the ambient lighting.

Extra tips for you, please choose energy efficient bulbs. Not only that it will save the planet, but also save your money!


Cozy Breakfast Nook Ideas for Your Kitchen

Actually, breakfast nook is not truly important part in the kitchen, but this charming kitchen niches will really help you to maximize space by transforming an awkward corner or alcove into a cozy and perfect place to enjoy your breakfast and maybe a cup of coffee. If you don’t have a built-in breakfast nook in your kitchen, you can make it yourself. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require a big space. There are many tutorial and breakfast nook ideas out there that you can follow step by step but remember to keep it simple.

A cozy breakfast nook is an intimate meal space which usually serve two or four people and placed in the corner of the kitchen and sometimes within a bay window. It doesn’t take much money to make it feel warm and inviting, a touching of color with natural lighting will make it looks different and give the space its own identity.

If you need more inspiration about breakfast nook ideas, below we’ve rounded up 9 best and cozy breakfast nook ideas pictures with different style and types that are bot comfortable and efficient.


Best Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

Most of homeowner looking forward to what is the best color ideas for kitchen with cherry cabinets due to this is one of the most used and often find in a new home or a rental unit as well. Actually, there are many paint colors available that goes well with cherry wood and that’s one of the most reason why this color become popular for kitchen cabinets. Naturally, more options will overwhelming you to decide what is the best one that fit with your interest and the rest of the room decorations. Therefore, you need to look back and make sure that your choice is based on your kitchen decorating purpose and what is the point you want to achieve. Is this just for cooking or an additional place to gather and enjoy the meal or food with your family, if you need to make your kitchen more than just for cooking then you need to choose the best match paint color ideas for your kitchen with cherry cabinets which based on your favorite colors and match with the room decor.


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